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Welcome to our seewasopa Help Center. Learn all about our business and why we’re the right Travel Agency for you. If you have any additional questions that haven’t been answered in our FAQ page, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Help! I need to change/cancel my reservation!

SEEWASOPA compares flight prices of various airline reservation sites and find the lowest price for you. Select the lowest price you want and we will link you to the site so that you can complete your reservation.
Since the actual reservation is connected to the airline or travel agent you have selected, SEEWASOPA is not involved in the reservation and payment, and your reservation information cannot be verified.

Therefore, if you have any inquiries regarding reservation changes or cancellations, please contact the customer service center of the airline or travel agency where the reservation was made. If you can't remember which reservation site you booked from, please check your payment details. If you look at the payment destination, you can check the reservation destination.


Help! I need to change/cancel my reservation!

Help is on the way: if you booked your travel on the SEEWASOPA site with one of our providers, then you can go to your account / booking section and get info on around-the-clock support. If you booked your travel outside of SEEWASOPA or were redirected from our site to a provider's web page to complete your booking, then you'll need to get in contact with the provider directly. Not sure who your provider is? Our partnering travel providers take your data privacy seriously, which is why SEEWASOPA doesn't have access to your booking to make changes or resend confirmation emails.

If you've been charged already, you can find out who you booked with by checking the payee name against any pending or completed charges. Get in touch with the hotel to find out which travel provider your booking came from.

If you used your computer or mobile web browser to book, you can retrace your steps by checking your browser history to see which travel provider's website you were redirected to after SEEWASOPA.

Cars & Transfers

SEEWASOPA is a search engine that compares hire car / transfer products offered by each hire car company and finds the lowest price.
When you select the product that is optimized for you, we will link you to the site so that you can complete your reservation. We do not collect or manage reservation information of SEEWASOPA customers.
Therefore, if you need to cancel or change your reservation, you must contact the car hire company or site where the actual reservation was made.

If you are not sure which car hire site you booked on, please check your payment details. If you look at the payment destination, you can confirm the reservation destination. Alternatively, you can check the history record of your internet browser or search for the same conditions again at SEEWASOPA to see which site the reservation was made on.

Cancellation policy is subject to the regulations of each car hire company and may vary depending on the conditions selected at the time of booking. Before cancelling, please check the cancellation policy on the reservation confirmation, and if you have any further questions, it is best to contact the website where the reservation was made.

Does the hotel provide airport transfer?

When making a search you can choose 'Hotel/Airport transfer' in the facilities section to help you with your search. Hotels will also provide this information in the "Useful Information" section on the hotel page displayed on the website. Some rooms come with complimentary airport transfer. If this is the case it will be specified in the room type or will be noted in the grand total on the booking form.

Airport transfers are usually subject to a charge. If you would like to arrange airport transfer, please contact the hotel directly.

The availability of extra bed/baby cot depends on the property. Additional cost for children, including extra beds, are not included in the reservation price unless stated. Please contact the property directly for this information.

Can I change my travel dates?

You may be able to change your travel dates depending on the rules of your trip, which are displayed when you choose your trip and on your receipt if you have already purchased your trip.

Can I change name on ticket?

No, we will not be able to change the name on a ticket. If you have misspelled your name, you may request that we cancel your ticket depending on the rules of your trip and purchase a replacement.

Can I use only the return path of my ticket?

If you have two or more flights with a single ticket number, you will not be allowed to check-in for a flight without flying all the preceding flights in your ticket. However, if you have separate ticket numbers for your leaving and return flights, you may fly the return flight without having to fly the leaving flight, depending on the rules of your trip.

How can I change or cancel my trip?

Email sales@seewasopa.com or talk to our Travel Experts on 0066967095875 to request a change or cancellation at least 24 hours before your trip begins. Our Travel Experts are happy to help if you require a change or cancellation at shorter notice; however, if they’re unable to do so or are unavailable, you will need to contact the airline or hotel for your trip directly.

How can I enter my frequent flyer card number into my booking?

You will be given the option to fill in your frequent flier number when you purchase your trip. You may also email sales@seewasopa.com or talk to our Travel Experts on 0066967095875 if you would like to add your frequent flier number after your purchase. Remember that you may not be entitled to frequent flyer awards on all trips, depending on the rules of your trip and the terms of your frequent flier program.

How long does it takes to get refund?

We process all refunds within 10 working days; however, the refund may take up to an additional time to appear on your statement depending on your bank or financial institution.

I cancelled my flight ticket directly with the airline...how can i get refund?

Email your Seewasopa Booking Reference and the details of your cancellation to sales@seewasopa.com. Our Travel Experts will review your request and provide an update within 3 working days.

What are the charges to change or cancel my booking?

Every booking has different policy for refunds and penalties. We will notify you with the change fee or cancellation charges when you want to.

My credit / debit card information is safe with this company?

Yes, we use secure server infrastructure and TLS-secured communication for all pages that collect financial information. Each of these pages, their server infrastructure and communication are periodically reviewed by independent third-party auditors to protect the safety of your card details.

Is there any additional fee or charges if I pay with credit / debit card?

No, there is no additional charge for paying by credit card. Your bank may charge you any fee. Our standard price as you see while paying online. We do not have hidden charges / fee.

If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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